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Why do we have to get old and die?

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Why Do People Want to Live So Long, Anyway? | TimeFeb 16, 2017 — One 75-year-old man who died in upstate New York requested that his mourners, science and medicine have extended life expectancy, and longevity we don't get it, and as meaning-laden beings, we can't fathom what it 

Why do we die? | Science | The GuardianApr 28, 2008 — Can genetics find a 'cure' for ageing and, therefore, dying, or will humans, Organisms grow old because nature doesn't need them any moreWhy Do We Grow Old and Die? It was not God's purpose for humans to grow old and die. To understand why we die, we need to examine a conversation that had far-reaching effects

Can you die from old age? - ABC NewsJun 14, 2017 — When we say an older person has "died in their sleep", what do we health question you've always wanted to know the answer to, get in touch 

Do People Really Die of Old Age? | Live ScienceNov 2, 2012 — Usually when a person is said to have died "of old age," it means that he or she succumbed to As people get older, their cells simply don't work as well, and can't stave off disease as We're also on Facebook & Google+Watch: Do We Really Have to Get Old And Die? - ScienceAlertJun 30, 2015 — You've probably heard of the phrase, "Benjamin buttoning", used to describe someone who gets discernably hotter and more youthful-looking 

Why do we grow old and die? - QuoraMar 12, 2015 — The science and the technology must learn these ideas. You need first at least a really old movie. “andromeda Strain”. 404 is still influencing even these daysAgeing - WikipediaAgeing or aging (see spelling differences) is the process of becoming older. The term refers An important distinction to make is that biological ageing is not the same thing as the accumulation of diseases of themselves, and animals in the genus Hydra have a regenerative ability by which they avoid dying of old age

How Do People Actually 'Die From Old Age'? - GizmodoAug 3, 2020 — For example, a clot could go into the lungs which prevents somebody from oxygenating their brain People often say: I want to die in my sleep, at an old age. When you fill out a death certificate, you have to input causes of Why do we age and is there anything we can do about itJul 27, 2004 — To answer these questions, we need to understand. theory is that over time, our body and our DNA get damaged until we can no longer function properly. These changes add up until the total amount of damage is too much to bear and we die. For humans, that would translate to about 300 years old!

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