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Why is my vape so strong?

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Throat Hit too Strong!!! | Vaping Underground Forums - AnOct 6, 2015 — The mg's seem appropriate for my nicotine intake. Why the hell is it so strong? I neeed some advice here and would love to quit stinkies but I 

Why is My Vape So Harsh? - Pure E-LiquidsJan 11, 2019 — Many e-cigarettes now allow you to adjust the airflow in the device to help control how much vapour the device produces. Whilst a useful feature, having the airflow closed too much will mean you're inhaling a more concentrated vapour which could cause a harsh hit. Try opening your airflow more and see if this helpsWhy is my Vape so Harsh? – VapouriumMar 29, 2018 — This could either be having your variable wattage mod set too high for the coil you're using or if the regulation chip in your mod is not functioning 

Why is My Ejuice Harsh? (Updated) | DIY OR DIE VapingMar 13, 2019 — Another reason your vape might be too harsh is because it's got a bit too much PG. Many people find higher PG juices to be a bit too harsh and 

Just got a vape, way too harsh : electronic_cigarette - RedditJan 1, 2017 — So I assembled my vape and put the juice in and I have yet to make a cloud, or get a regular hit from it. Am I missing something? I've been googling this all night to Vapers: 7 Ways To Tailor Your Throat Hit ExperienceMy first vaping experience was with a high-nicotine cigalike device, and the punch People who rated their throat hit as strong or very strong were most likely to 

6 Sources of throat hit | Breakdown & Tips to avoid harsh vapeJul 9, 2019 — Why is my vape harsh? But that's part of what makes vaping so fun: trying out different style of vaping until you find what works for YOU. of nicotine in your e-juice: the more nicotine, the stronger and heavier the throat hitWhy is My Vape Hitting Harsh? 7 Most Common CausesJump to Too High Nicotine Content — The nicotine content differs in the different vape juices available on the market. As such, it is important to look at the displayed strength on the the level of nicotine, the stronger throat hit during vaping

Vaping and How to Get the Perfect Throat Hit - Red VapeFeb 22, 2017 — In many ways, it is very similar to the sensation that you experience when inhaling a cigarette. If you've never done it before, a strong throat hit A Vaper Beginner's Guide: Achieve the Perfect Throat HitAlso, some people find the stronger liquids a bit too strong for them. There are a multitude of different level vape juices with different ratios of VG and PG, so 

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